Energy saving SEASONAL Tips For Connecticut Area   

Keeping you safe and comfortable all year long.

  • When snow becomes deep, please provide a path to your fuel fill pipe so our professional drivers have easy and safe access. Also make sure all vents on your heating appliances are clear of snow.
  • Windows and doors are usually the source of the greatest heat loss in the home. Consider addressing those items and ensure your home is sufficiently insulated, especially in the attic.
  • Consider installing an automatic thermostat to lower the heat when you're not at home and at night. Lowering the heat to 60 degrees at night can save you 10 to 20% on your oil bill.
  • Call to have your furnace tuned and serviced annually, preferably in the summer. We will perform a Combustion Efficiency Test at that time.
  • All around energy saving seasonal tips for Connecticut, never let your tank fall below 1/8 full.
  • Open drapes, blinds and curtains during the day to let the sun in, and close them at night to keep the heat in. 
  • Close the damper in the fireplace when not in use.
  • If you have ceiling fans, reverse the direction of the blades to push the heat toward the ceiling and back down the walls in the winter time.
  • Repair any hot water leaks in your faucets; run your dishwasher and clothes washer with full loads only.
  • A full, or practically full, tank of fuel oil provides the greatest protection against the high moisture content of the summer air that will condense inside your tank.
  • Never abandon your home in the winter time when a malfunction could cause substantial damage from frozen water pipes. A person to watch the home, a "Winter Watchman," and/or devises provided by some security companies are all good tools to help ensure your mechanical equipment is functioning properly in your absence. Please provide Viking Fuel's telephone number to any person watching your home while you're away.
  • We are available to offer advice to customers regarding the protection of their homes in the winter time.
  • Our licensed technicians provide A/C tune-ups in the spring for a small fee (the outside temperature must be at least 65 degrees F).
  • Never run a whole-house exhaust fan without opening a window and closing the basement door.
  • Energy saving seasonal tips for Connecticut area, don't block air vents with drapes and furniture.
  • Set your thermostat to 60 degrees if going on vacation during the winter months, but don't turn it off.
  • Cover all bare floors. Carpeting or rugs add to comfort and heat retention, especially if there is little or no floor insulation.
  • Annual air conditioning tune-ups are an important part of keeping your systems running safely and efficiently. By having a professional come in and check everything out, you can reduce unexpected service calls and save yourself time and money in the long run. tune-ups also help maintain your air conditioning system’s efficiency, so you can keep your energy air conditioning bills under control.

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