From our family to yours

Commitment to providing the best customer service in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut area has been a Family value since Viking Fuel Oil Co. was founded in 1933.

Creating Viking Fuel Oil Co. during the height of the Great Depression was no small task, however the company managed to not only survive but slowly grow. In 1970 son Lewis joined full time working tirelessly to build the business to over 10,000 customers, expand our fleet from 2 to 14 oil delivery trucks, half a dozen service trucks, as well as increased our professional staff.


We continue to keep our small family focus by providing the most personal service to our customers starting with our first hand shake. We are able to maintain our high standards of service because we remain family owned, operated, and totally independent.  Viking Fuel Oil Co. is proud to have been able to weather the 1973-1974 oil embargo, the early 90s stock market crash, the 2008 financial crisis without any bailout, and all along providing our reliable service to keep families comfortable all year long. 

We always have been and continue to be committed to community service. We are proud sponsors of a long list of local charities, so chances are our customer’s charities are often ours.

We are more than just an oil company... we live in and support our community!
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